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    Filipino Dirty Boxing - Panantukan

FMA Academy - Warrior ReadyWelcome to the FMA Academy. Where we focus on traditional training for application in modern times. We are the only school in Syracuse/Central New York which focuses on the Filipino Martial Art of Kali (also known as Escrima/Eskrima or Arnis). This highly sophisticated and comprehensive martial art from the Philippines is weapon based, however it is ultimately an empty hand system.

At the FMA Academy we offer a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of self-defense.

We are proud to teach this traditional art that is gaining in popularity for it’s practical and effective approach to self-defense, regardless of size, age, or physical condition. We also focus on developing the tools to help one succeed in all aspects of life. Mind, body, spirit, confidence, awareness, and fitness are all parts of making you a better YOU.

Courses Offered at FMA Academy:

Kali – Filipino Martial Arts

Panantukan – Filipino Boxing

Dumog – Filipino Grappling

Women’s Only Self-Defense

Youth FMA (Ages 5 – 12)

Dirty Boxing – Panantukan is our program that focuses on developing empty hand skills such as striking, kicking, small joint manipulation (finger & wrist locks), to submission techniques designed to get you out of a situation as quickly as possible.

Kali – Filipino Martial Arts class is our weapons training/weapons defense program.  Here we learn the use and defense of various tools that can be commonly found in our modern society.

Filipino Grappling – Dumog  is our class where we focus on grappling for the street.  This class covers both the stand up and ground versions of grappling. Let’s face it, a situation is most likely to end up on the ground. However in a non-competitive setting you don’t want to be there. Between the hard surface of a road, sidewalk, or even a floor.  And then add in the potential of other people joining in or taking a cheap shot.  This isn’t a place you want to stay at for very long.  So we focus on doing what we need to in order to get up and out as quickly as possible.

Women’s Only Self-Defense is a class where we want everyone to be comfortable. We realize that some people would rather train without men. To that extent we have a class that is led by a certified RAD (Rape Assault Defense) female instructor.  Allowing for the greatest amount of learning in a safe and friendly environment.

Youth FMA is the class for our younger students ages 5 – 12. This is where we begin to teach the fundamentals of the Filipino Martial Arts.  Aside from learning self-defense techniques, students are encouraged to work together in partner/team building exercises to accomplish their goals. Each class also focuses on responsibility for oneself and actions, self-confidence, discipline, bully prevention, and of course having fun while we’re doing it.

More information can be found under the Classes section of our website.

Benefits of our Classes:

Authentic TrainingEmpty Hand SkillsSelf-Defense
Street/Dirty BoxingWeapons TrainingKnife Defense
Street GrapplingStriking SkillsSubmission Skills
Women's Only ClassesKids ClassesImproved Coordination
Better HealthFitnessWeight Loss
Unique Training MethodsSelf-ConfidenceBully Prevention
Great Stress RelieverFunctional TrainingMake New Friends
And much more...

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