Bahala Na – Original Giron Escrima

Bahala Na – Original Giron Escrima:Bahala Na - OGE (Original Giron Escrima)

This is a specific Filipino Martial Art system that was created by the late Grand Master Leo Giron. Often referred to as the multi-style system. Bahala Na incorporates 20 different systems into it’s fighting methods. Primarily a blade based system, Bahala Na Escrima also incorporates knife and empty hand tactics into it’s fighting methods.

GM Michael Collage

While typical of most Filipino Martial Arts systems where one begins training using the stick right away. The Bahala Na Original Giron Escrima system is taught exactly the same way as Grand Maser Leo Giron intended. Keeping it true to it’s original form. A combat proven and efficient system of self-defense.GM Michael Giron

Under the watchful eye of Grandmaster Michael Giron, we are fortunate to be the only school on the entire East Coast that is authorized to teach this system.

Guro Chris Thompson is the Syracuse, NY representative of Original Giron Escrima. Being promoted to instructor directly by Grandmaster Michael Giron himself.