Here is a testimonial from one of our students…


My name is Mike Bellinger. I have been a student for Guro Chris Thompson since October of 2013. I’m in the military and currently stationed over seas. In recent events, I had to use Panatukan into basic knife work in order to subdue a combatant. I was able to cause minimal amount of damage in order to gain compliance. I’m only writing this because this system works and it allowed me to go home. I have studied Krav Maga and a devout practitioner of this art, however when it comes to the blade or bladed hand nothing is better in my opinion.

I appreciate Guro Chris Thompson instruction and his level of dedication to each of his students. He provides an environment that fosters learning and NO ONE is picked on or laughed at for his or her abilities (except for Mongo). Guro Chris, keep teaching this fine art and looking forward to coming home soon. I want make a prayer to Apolaki. In Filipino mythology he is the god of the sun and chief patron of warriors. I want to make this small prayer to my brothers and sisters in Guro Chris Thompson’s class. God bless guys and I miss you all!

-Mike Bellinger

And a recent testimonial from a seminar that I taught at. (Reprinted with permission):

Seminar Testimonial